Technician working with high performance laser diode drivers

High Performance Laser Diode Drivers and Water Cooled Power Supplies

LIC Engineering is a leading company in high performance laser diode drivers, pulse power supplies and pulse generators, which are the pulse current of 10KA/100us, CW power of 25KW and the high speed pulse current of 5KA with 1-5ns risetime.  Our laser drivers and power supplies are in service at many large aerospace, defense and high tech companies in the United States and around the world. We’ve been providing outstanding feature-rich products for over 30 years so you can count on our experience.

LIC Engineering pioneered the QCW LD-Drivers and Super Pulse for laser diode applications. In 2005, the company introduced the first high peak current, fast rise time and ultra high QCW power laser diode driver.  LIC was one of the first companies to make the QCW laser diode power supplies and has since added a wide variety of High Power LD Drivers and High Power QCW Laser Diode Power Supplies/Gas Discharge solutions.

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