LIC Engineering is one of the world’s leading providers of Extreme Pulse for Pico-nano seconds rise time with KA peak current. Models LSP-, LS-, & LD- series are designed mostly for energy applications and have been used for many defense, space companies and laboratories in the US.  LIC Engineering also specialize in compact & very high efficient switch-mode laser power supplies.

In 1986, Inoue founded LIC Engineering (formerly Laser Innovations Corp.) in Sunnyvale, CA to manufacture and market Super Pulse & Ballastless CO2 laser power supply?developed in early 1980 by Inoue.  In the 1990s, LIC Engineering introduced its first flat-type water cooled CO2 laser power supply, the CSF-series.  In the mid ’90s, the company introduced cost effective 600W/1KW CPF-series and the highest power of 25KW CSF-25000PD & CSF-25000/8.  These CSF-& CPF series are the most popular and long run products among our products line. Since the company introduced the first water cooled power supply in the late ’80s, the company has continued to manufacture the high efficient soft switching and unique water cooled CO2, Yag, and Capacitor charging laser power supply.

LIC Engineering is also the pioneering company for the QCW LD-Drivers and Super Pulse for laser diode applications.:

In 2005, the company introduced the first high peak current, fast rise time and ultra high QCW power laser diode drivers,LD-1500/3000, and LSP-500, that were capable of LSP (LIC Super Pulse) and 15KW QCW power.  On those day there were very few companies who make the QCW laser diode power supplies.  Now LIC Engineering has wide variety of LD Driver/Gas Discharge product line:

LSP-XXXX-series high voltage, high power, high speed laser diode drivers can achieve 5KA/15KV/20ns pulse width with the rise time of 100ps-15ns.

LD-XXXX & LWG-XXXX/QCW-series high speed, high current, high QCW laser diode drivers have the output power to 1KA/1KV/1MW of QCW power and  25KW of CW power.

LS-XXXX-series high frequency, high pulsed current laser diode driver/gas discharge power supply can achieve the pulse rate up to 5MHz with pulse width of 5ns-100ns and CW power up to 8KW.


High Speed/High Voltage/High Current Switching :
To achieve a high voltage/high current and high speed switching at the same time, LIC Engineering uses combinations of the MPC and new type of high speed semiconductors.  With the circuit technologies accumulated in the past 35 years, LIC Engineering made it possible to switch a 5KA/15KV pulse with 8-15nanoseconds.  LIC’s LSP series’s voltage ranges is from 500V to 15KV, and the current ranges is from 500A to 5KA.  The pulse rise time ranges from 100ps to 15ns with the pulse width from 5 ns to several hundred ns.

High Efficient Resonant Switching & Lic Super Pulse:
Since the first product was developed in early 1980s, Lic’s switch-mode CO2 laser power supply has used the series resonant topology, which makes a switching current “sinusoidal”, or ”zero-current switching” to make the switching loss minimal and is able to push a very high current into the secondary circuit in very short time.  This zero-current switching technology makes Lic’s products very high efficient. Some of their products shows the electrical efficiency over 98.6% in 500W output power level.  Also, this technology made it possible to generate very high peak pulse called SuperPulse, which is the original development by LIC Engineer in the early 1980s for the surgical CO2 laser systems.

Lic engineering has been designing and building laser related power supplies/devices for over 37 years. During this time, an extensive amount of experience has been accumulated in realizing and generating high voltage/high current/picoseconds-nanoseconds pulses and high efficient switch-mode power supplies. The experience reflects to many products that LIC Engineering builds today.

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