• LD-1500A/3000A is high power QCW laser diode drivers/power supply capable of 20KW (170V/120A) QCW output power. The QCW time period is limited by both average powers and current droop specified. Please refer to Product Manual for detail.
  • LD-1500A/3000A are also designed as high speed, high current CW/pulse laser diode drivers, of which CW power are 1.5KW and 3KW respectively and the peak current is up to 350A with the rise time of 50ns in Super Pulse mode.
  • LD-1500A/3000A uses a high frequency capacitor charging power supply to convert AC input power to a desirable DC output voltage. A DC power supply for QCW laser diode driver requires a special power supply since the load impedance changes from a short condition to an infinite impedance. To keep high efficiency and charge up the output capacitor in short time, the DC power supply should be specially designed for this purpose.
  • With a sub unit of LDC-120/250/XXX-XX, the outputs will extend up to 15MHz, 1.5ns pulse width, and several KA/KV output. Please refer to LDC-120/250 Manual for details.

Key Features

  • QCW High Power Laser Diode Power Supply of 20KW
  • QCW Pulsed Power Laser Diode Driver up to 170V/120A
  • High Speed (50-200ns rise time) Laser Diode Power Supply/Driver
  • High Current Pulsed Laser Diode Driver/Power Supply: Pulse Width up to 1ms
  • Long Stripline up to 2m
  • Optically Isolated External Control including 10V analog Signal


CW average Power
1500W(LD-1500A), 3000W(LD-3000A)
QCW Output Power
20KW (both for LD-1500A/-3000A)
QCW Output Voltage
Up to 170V
QCW Output Current
Up to 120A continuously adjustable
CW Output Current
Up to 65A continuously adjustable
Operating Voltage
Up to 170V continuously adjustable
Output Configuration
Positive Output (standard)
Operating Mode
QCW, CW, Pulse,toggled by a front panel SW.
Pulse Rep. Rate
Single shot to 50KHz
Pulse Rise Time
50-200ns (Depends on pulse set & load condition)
Pulse Width
200ns (External trigger) to DC
Pulse Duty
Ripple Current
Less than 1% at a rated 65A
QCW Current Droop
Less than 5% for 500us period at 120A Output Current
AC Input Voltage
90-120V, or 180-240V
Greater than 80%
Current Stability
Less than 2%
Current Monitor
50 Ohm BNC, 5mv/A
External Pulse Input/External Pulse Trigger
50 Ohm BNC, Pulse input/trigger output is automatically switched by a Int/Ext key SW.
Protection mode
Load Over current, Load Over & Reverse voltage, MosFet Over current, Over Temperature
External Signals
0-10V Optically Isolated Signals:
Cur.Adj (Isolation Amplifier), CW/Pulse, Ext. Key, Ext. Start, Laser, Ready, Fault, Pulse Input, Current Monitor Output, Isolated +5V
Please refer to Control Signal for detail
6.50″H x 10.0″W x 14.0″L inch, 16.5cm(H)x25.4cm(W)x35.6cm(L) (including backside fan)
17.5 lb (LD-1500A), 19.5lb (LD-3000A)
Forced Air

*1): The maximum peak current is limited by a pulse width & pulse rate selected.

Option 1
2m Output Cable
Higher Peak Power/Current version are available.  Please contact factory.