• LD-XXXX/QCW/HS Laser Diode Driver is capable of 1MW(1KV/1KA) output power with many features such as a built in powerful capacitor charging power supply (average power to 25KW), accurate voltage/current tracking system, complete protection circuit, and high speed power current sensing / monitoring system.
  • 70ns rise time, minimum pulse width of 200-300ns.
  • The QCW time period is limited by both average powers and current droop specified.   Refer to Operating Manual for the relation between QCW time period and charging capacitor.
  • Maximum charging capacitor up to 0.64 F

Key Features

  • Ultra High Power Laser Diode Driver: to 1KA & 1KV
  • High Power QCW Laser Diode Driver: to 1MW output power
  • Built in Capacitor Charging Power Supply: Average Power up to several KW
  • Fastest Rise Time: 70-100ns
  • Pulse Width: 200ns to CW
  • Adjustable Rise Time: 70ns to several hundred ns
  • Accurate Voltage & Current Tracking System
  • Pulse Rate from 1Hz to 10KHz
  • LSP (LIC Super Pulse) Operation
  • Complete Protection Circuits: Dual Over Current Protection , Over Temp, Over Load, Pulse Rate & Width Protection for an external input, and Interlock.  Please refer to Operating Manual for details.
  • Precise, High Speed, Current Sense Output
  • Built in Monitor Scope: 3.5ns. Or 7ns rise time

LD-XXXX/QCW/HS Laser Diode Driver Specifications

CW Average Power
Up to 10KW
QCW Output Power
             Up to 1MW
QCW Output Voltage
Up to 1KV
QCW Output Current
Up to 1KA
Operating Voltage
Up to 1KV continuously adjustable
Output Configuration
Positive Output (standard)
Operating Mode
CW, or QCW, toggled by a front panel SW.
Pulse Rep. Rate
Single shot to 50KHz
Pulse Rise Time
1us-3us (Depends on pulse set & load condition)
Pulse Width
1us (External trigger) to DC
Pulse Duty
Ripple Current
Less than 1% at a rated current
QCW Current Droop
Depends on Current Values and Pulse period. Please refer to Operating Manual for detail.
AC Input Voltage
90-120V (less than 500W CW power), or 180-240V, single & three phase  (up to 10KW CW power)
Greater than 80%
Current Monitor
50 Ohm BNC, 5-10mV/A
External Pulse
1 Kohm BNC Input
Protection mode
Switching SW. Over current, Output SW. Over Current, Over Load, Pulse Width & Pulse Rate Protection, Over Temperature, Interlock.
7.0″(H) x 17.0″(W) x 13.0″(L) inch, below 3KW
10.5″(H) x 17.0″(W) x 15″(L) inch, above 3KW
20.1 -40.5 lb.
Forced Air
Option 1
100MHz Monitor Scope
Option 2
Higher current (Extended Pulse) is available