• High Power/High Pulsed Power Laser: 500V/500A at 500ps-15ns rise/fall time
  • Touch Panel Control: Tablet PC can be a touch screen control
  • High Resolution Vertical Axis of the Digital Scope: 8bit to 12bit (enhanced) to measure and read the exact current values
  • Easy Analyze of LD Current Waveforms: Up to 16 views of the scope window at a time
  • Precise Pulse Generator: Pulse Parameter of 0.03Hz-1MHz/1%-100% duty & 50ppm Crystal Oscillator & Low Jitter PLL Pulse Generator
  • Complete Square Wave Output: High speed rise-fall time
  • Double Isolated USB Interface for the highest noise immunity in the harsh industrial environment
  • High Power Pulse Generator
  • Competitive Price

Key Features

  • Easy Control: Everything is controlled by user’s PC/Tablet terminal
  • High Performance Digital Scope Standard: 5.8ns risetime/60MHz/500Ms/s (repetive signal for 2.5Gs/s) as a standard, 3.5ns/100MHz, 1.75ns/200MHz, 0.7ns/500MHz and 29ps/12GHz (Sampling Scope) as an option
    Spectrum Analyzer Standard: 60MHz Bandwidth, 100MHz-500MHz bandwidth as an option
  • Dual Voltages & Dual Device Controls to realize the high speed and the precise current control at the same time.  Vd & Vl value adjustment ensures the picosecond switching and precise constant current control.  This is a unique feature of LIC’s LD drivers.
  • Powerful QCW Capacitor Charging Power Supply: communicates closely by the feedback circuit to keep a stable and precise constant current to the load
  • High speed current sensing device to sense and display in real time.  Output current is sampling and regulated every micro-seconds.  This technique guarantees the precise constant current control for customer’s wide range of Laser diodes.
  • Output Voltage Selection feature to maximize the 100% output power at very low output voltage: LWG-XXXX/QCW can maintain 100% of rated output power even at 30% of rated output voltage.  This is a unique feature of LIC’s LD drivers.LWG-XXXX/QCW/HP/USB Control Screen
  • LWG-XXXX/QCW/HP/USB Waveform Samples

High Pulsed Power Laser Specifications

LD Driver Specification:
Digital Scope/Pulse Generator/Spectrum Analyzer Specification: