• HVC-XXXX is high power, high voltage/high current pulse generator/switch capable of 30KV/500A
  • Compact Design achieved by using new device & technology
  • Complete Square Wave Output
  • High Efficient built in Power Supply accomplished by a zero-current switching
  • 50ppm Crystal Oscillator & Low Jitter PLL Pulse Generator
  • Direct Stripline for any output impedance
  • All functions are controlled by cusomer’s PC
  • Double Isolated USB Interface for the highest noise immunity in the harsh industrial environment
  • Competitive Price

Key Features

  • Ultra High Speed H.V Switch/Pulse Generator: From 5ns-20us rise time
  • High Power CW: Up to 25KW output power
  • Complete USB Control: Everything is controlled by user’s PC
  • Accurate Voltage & Current Tracking System
  • Pulse Rate from 0.001Hz to 5MHz (Depends on the unit)
  • Pulse Width from 10ns to 1000S (Depends on the unit)
  • Complete Protection Circuits: Over Current (100ns response time), Over Temp, Over Load, Pulse Rate & Width, Interlock
  • Precise, High Speed, Current Sense Output: +/- 1%
  • Built-in High Power Supply up to 25KW
    HVC-200-20KV Control Panel


CW Average Power
Up to 25KW
Operating Voltage
Up to 30KV continuously adjustable
Output Configuration
Positive Output (standard)
Operating Mode
CW, Pulse, toggled by a PC Screen.
Pulse Rep. Rate
Single shot to 10KHz
Pulse Rise Time
5ns-1us (Depends on the model selected)
Pulse Width
10ns to DC
Pulse Duty
Note*: For the detail of available pulse conbination, please refer to Pulse Setting Manual.
Ripple Current
Less than 2% at a rated current
AC Input Voltage
380V/480Vthree phase
Greater than 85%
Current Monitor
50 Ohm BNC, 5-10mV/A
External Pulse
1 Kohm BNC Input
Protection mode
Switching SW. Over current, Output SW. Over Current, Over Load, Pulse Width & Pulse Rate Protection, Over Temperature, Interlock.
10.5″(H) x 19.0″(W) x 24.5″(L) inch


57 lb.
Water Cooled