Narrow Pulse,High Current Pulse Generator.

LS-1000 high frequency, high Current Pulse Generator can achieve the pulse rate up to 100KHz with the pulse width of 10ns-50ns.

  • Nanoseconds Pulser: Maximum frequency up to 100KHz
  • Pulsed Laser Diode Driver for Vcsel LD/High Current Pulser: Up to 500A
  • High Peak Power: Up to 1KW average power

Key Features

  • High Frequency Pulse Generator to 100KHz
  • High Current Pulse Generator to 500A
  • High Voltage Pulse Generator to 1KV
  • Pulse Width from 10ns to 50ns


CW average Power
Up to 1KW
Output Voltage
Up to 1KV
Output Current
Up to 500A (Exponential)
Output Configuration
Negative Output (standard)
Pulse Rep. Rate
Single shot to 100KHz
Pulse Rise Time
Less than 4 ns
Pulse Width
5ns to 100ns
AC Input Voltage
90-120V (less than 500W of CW power), or 180-240V, single & three phase
Greater than 70%
Current Monitor
50 Ohm BNC, 10mV-100mV/A
External Pulse
1 Kohm BNC Input
Protection mode
Switching Over Current, Over Load, Over Temperature, Interlock.
3.5″(H) x 17.0″(W) x 13.0″(L) inch,
10.5 lb.
Forced Air,