The CNF-600WOM 600W CO2 Laser Power Supply is designed for a single discharge/high impedance laser tube.  The output capacitance of the power supply is tiny (almost output cable capacitance only), so the tube current is very stable from the minimum current to the maximum tube current.

  • Ultra low output capacitance
  • Suitable for a single discharge/high impedance laser tube
  • High power up to 600W
  • Ballastless Operation
  • No Maintenance Required

Key Features

  • Ultra low output capacitance
  • Very stable operation for a single discharge with high impedance tubes
  • Output Voltage up to 45KV
  • Compact 600W Water Cooled CO2 Laser Power Supply
  • Ballastless Operation
  • No Maintenance Required


Output Power: 600W
Striking Voltage: 45KV
Operating Voltage: 4KV to 40KV
Output Configuration: P: Single Output
Operating Current: Total 40mA
Operating Mode: CW & PULSE
Pulse Rep. Rate: DC to 2KHz
Pulse Width: 100µs to DC
AC Input Voltage: 80-120V, or 180-240V
Efficiency: Greater than 88% (Maximum Efficiency)
Regulation: Less than 2%
Protection Mode: H.V. Over current, H.V. Over voltage, IGBT Over current, Over Temperature
Control Signal: 0-5V Ground referenced signals: LASER, READY, POWER, FAULT, RESET, GND, +5V. Refer to control signals for details
Options: H.V Current/Voltage readout
Dimension: 5.30″H x 4.70″W x 7.40″L inch (excluding flanges)
Weight: 9.6 lb
Cooling: Water Cooled