Unique Core Design

The CPF-600WOM-P/PD Compact Water Cooled Power Supply features very thin output transformers, which helps the heat conduction effectively to the water channel and keeps the H.V components operating temperature low.  This results in the highly reliable and the most thin & compact switch-mode CO2 laser power supply.

  • Ballastless Operation
  • High Power to 600W
  • Popular Models
  • No Maintenance Required

Key Features

  • Series Resonant Topology:
    Since the first product was developed in early 1980s, Lic’s switch-mode CO2 laser power supply has used the series resonant topology, which make a switching current “sinusoidal”, or ”zero-current switching” to make the switching loss minimal and is able to push a very high current into the secondary circuit in very short time.  This sinusoidal switching, or zero-current switching technology makes Lic’s products high efficient, compact, and reliable power supply.
  • Compact 600W Water Cooled CO2 Laser Power Supply
  • Designed for Portable CO2 Laser Systems
  • Long Run Products
  • Ballastless Operation
  • Popular Models
  • No Maintenance Required


Output Power: 600W
Striking Voltage: 25KV *1)
Operating Voltage: 4KV to 20KV
Output Configuration: P: Single Output, PD: Dual outputs
Operating Current: Total 70mA
Operating Mode: CW & PULSE
Pulse Rep. Rate: DC to 2KHz
Pulse Width: 100µs to DC
AC Input Voltage: 80-120V, or 180-240V
Efficiency: Greater than 89% (Maximum Efficiency)
Regulation: Less than 2%
Protection Mode: H.V. Over current, H.V. Over voltage, IGBT Over current, Over Temperature
Control Signal: 0-5V Ground referenced signals: LASER, READY, POWER, FAULT, RESET, GND, +5V. Refer to Control Signal for detail
*1): Striking Voltage up to 35KV
*2): H.V Current/Voltage Readout
Dimension: 4.8″(H) x 3.2″(W) x 7.5″(L) inch excluding inlet/outlet water tubes
Weight: 6.8 lb
Cooling: Water Cooled, 1/4″ OD copper inlet/outlet