This CO2 laser power supply system is designed for an ultra stable CO2 laser with very low ripple current.

  • Operate with two units of CNF-600, or CPF-600
  • 3-1/2 digit LCD panel meter located on the front panel
  • No Ballast Resistor required

Key Features

  • Ultra Stable Tube Current: +/-0.5% stability with the laser tube in place
  • High Output Power to 1.2KW
  • Ultra Low Ripple
  • Water Cooled Design
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range to 45V

CRG-1200 CO2 Laser Power Supply System Specifications

Regulator Specification


Output power: 1.2KW
Output Voltage: 90V-330V
Regulation Voltage Range: 5-40V
Maximum Output Current: 4A
DC Maximum Power Consumption: 160W
Voltage Stability: +/- 0.05% for 10% change of Load, or AC input change
Current Ripple: 0.1%
AC Input Voltage range: 200V-240V, 50/60Hz, Single phase
Protection mode & Setting points: (1). Over Load Current: 4.5A. (2). Over Temperature: 60C at a base plate
Regulation Voltage Indicator: 3-1/2digit LCD panel meter located on the front panel
Regulating Voltage Adj. Knob: Located on the front panel


Water cooled, 1/4″ Copper Tube Inlet/Outlet located on the back panel
Water temperature maximum: 25C, flow rate 3l/minuets minimum.
DC Output/Signal Connector: AMP-1586000-6 (free hanging)
Ambient temperature: 0-45C
Ambient humidity: Less than 80%
Dimension: 7.9″(W)x11.0″(D)x3.0″(H)
Weight: 15 lb

Power Supply Specification

Output Power: 600W
Striking Voltage: 45KV
Operating Voltage: 4KV to 40KV
Output Configuration: P: Single Output
Operating Current: Total 40mA
Operating Mode: CW & PULSE
Pulse Rep. Rate: DC to 2KHz
Pulse Width: 100µs to DC
AC Input Voltage: 0-120V, or 180-240V
Efficiency: Greater than 88% (Maximum Efficiency)
Regulation: Less than 2%
Protection Mode: H.V. Over current, H.V. Over voltage, IGBT Over current, Over Temperature
Control Signal: 0-5V Ground referenced signals:
LASER, READY, POWER, FAULT, RESET, GND, +5V, Refer to control signals for detail
1) H.V Current/Voltage readout
Dimension: 5.30″H x 4.70″W x 7.40″L inch (excluding flanges)
Weight: 9.6 lb<
Cooling: Water Cooled