The CSF-8000PQ 8KW Water Cooled High Voltage Power Supply sources 8KW in a small form factor and features high power, high efficiency (over 89%) driving up to 4 outputs.

  • Series Resonant Topology:
    Since the first product was developed in early 1980s, Lic’s switch-mode CO2 laser power supply has used the series resonant topology, which make a switching current “sinusoidal”, or ”zero-current switching” to make the switching loss minimal and is able to push a very high current into the secondary circuit in very short time.  This sinusoidal switching, or zero-current switching technology makes Lic’s products high efficient, compact, and reliable power supply.
  • Designed for Industrial Applications
  • Good for Axial Fast Laser, Slab Laser & Slow Flow Laser
  • 8KW High Power with compact design
  • Thin Flat Box H.V power supply/CO2 laser power supply

Key Features

  • Unique Core Design:
    The output transformers are very thin which helps the heat conduction effectively to the water channel and keeps the high voltage power supply components (transformers, rectifiers, and capacitors) operating at a low temperature.  This results in a highly reliable and very compact switch-mode CO2 laser power supply.
  • For the Toughest Environments
  • Ballastless Operation
  • Modular Design
  • No Maintenance Required


Output Power: 8KW
Striking Voltage: 25KV *1)
Operating Voltage: 4KV to 20KV
Output Configuration:: 4 independent Outputs
Operating Current: Total 400mA *2)
Operating Mode: CW & PULSE
Pulse Rep. Rate: DC to 2KHz
Pulse Width: 200µs to DC
AC Input Voltage: 180-240V ,Three Phase*3)
Efficiency: Greater than 95% (Maximum efficiency)
Regulation: Less than 2%
Protection Mode: H.V. Over current, H.V. Over voltage, IGBT Over current, Over Temperature
Control Signal: 0-5V Ground referenced signals:: LASER, READY, POWER, FAULT, RESET, GND, +5V. Refer to Control Signal for details
Dimension: 2.10″(H) x 11.30″(W) x 18.70″(L) inch
Weight: 36.8 lb
Cooling: Water Cooled, 1/4″ OD copper inlet/outlet
1) Higher Striking Voltage to 35KV
2) Higher H.V Current to 300mA
3) Different AC input voltage available